Why online surveys rock.

It’s really not that hard to see why surveys are so much fun. Instead of doing formal research (boring), you can  ask people straight up what they really think by shooting them a quick survey. Take for example, an online survey I did the other week. I was wondering how the horrors of the current economy were going to take a toll on America’s holiday plans. Guess what- a lot of people’s holiday travel plans have been trashed or instead they have to walk to grandma’s house for eggnog.

Seriously here are some stats that are kinda scary:

26% of people are going to change how they travel

83% said high gas prices will make it hard to travel

76% are spending less on presents within their families

89% are planning to shop at discount sites for airfare

This is why surveys rock. You can find out how people really feel- for good or bad.

When asked how the current economy is affecting daily life, I think one person summed it up best, “I feel like I am being crushed.” There is no doubt a lot of people are suffering right now. Thank your lucky stars if you’re not one of them.


2 Responses to Why online surveys rock.

  1. Willie says:

    Despite of anything. Survey does many good things for people.

  2. zoomerang says:

    Thanks for the comment Willie! Surveys are a great source of information…

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