Do people realize?

I feel like people don’t realize how powerful surveys can be in their everyday lives. Along the lines of how online search has become an indispensible part of the way we ask and answer questions, online surveys can play a similar role. Except surveys provide more personal, tailored responses. Instead of asking Google when you want to know what to do on your next vacation, you could ask your family and friends and get advice or suggestions from people you trust. Sure, it may take a little longer..but within 15 minutes you could easily put together a short survey, send it out and get responses back. I certainly trust my contacts more than I trust Travelocity–which by the way sent me to the worst hotel ever (3 star rating- yeah right.)

IMHO, surveys could be used much more. What do you think? Take the 2Q survey.. By the way, how much do you love the cheesy graphic I found? It made me laugh..if only asking questions could be that much fun 😉


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