Monitoring Your “Brand”

flag1Recent results from the Country Brand Index survey have the U.S. ranked at No. 3 out of 10 countries with the best overall brand reputations, a spot lower than last year and now ranked behind both Australia (No. 1) and Canada (No. 2). The report attributes the decline to anti-U.S. sentiment, such as growing dislike of the Bush administration’s foreign policy. The U.S. did rank No.1 for both best country brand ideal for business and best country brand for shopping.
Despite the overall ranking slip, the U.S. still has the highest percentage (40%) of travelers who’d consider visiting here and the highest percentage (53%) that ultimately did come, the survey said. The survey identified China, the United Arab Emirates and Croatia as the top three nations likely to become major tourist destinations by 2013.
Survey results like the above show how you can be given an accurate idea of how your overall brand is being perceived by potential customers as well as what areas are in need for improvement. Surveys provide insight into your customer’s perception of your brand and surveys are the best way to find out what is really on your customer’s minds in order for you to market your brand as effectively as you can.
As for me, I am interested to see how the new Obama administration as well as the American citizens themselves can all work together in the coming years towards the same goals and hopefully in the process improving the U.S. brand ranking. In the mean time I will be researching more about Beijing, Abu Dhabi, and Zagreb for my future travels!


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