Thanksgiving Weekend Survey Results

Thanks to all of you who participated in the mini-survey. The survey results can be viewed here:

Thanksgiving Weekend Survey Results

I always enjoy open ended responses and there were some interesting ones that hadn’t occurred to me. The one that stood out most was “no gifts = no stress” especially given that the December Holiday decorations have already started going up and the seasonal shopping push is now underway. I also liked “the opportunity to reflect and give thanks for what we have” because we all know it is sometimes easy to forget a holiday’s true meaning and purpose.

Sharing Zoomerang survey results is easy and quick to do. Just log into your account, click on ‘My Surveys’ and choose the survey title from your list. Once you click on the survey name go into the ‘Edit & Review’ tab and click on ‘Edit Shared Results’. From there choose either ‘Restricted’ or ‘Public’ and then ‘Submit’. You are now all set to share the online results with anyone you choose to give the link to.

Have a happy, safe, and reflective Thanksgiving from all of us at Zoomerang.



2 Responses to Thanksgiving Weekend Survey Results

  1. Jean-pierre says:

    The turkey day is one of my favorite American holidays!

  2. zoomerang says:

    Me too. I can’t wait for stuffing and cranberries. I bet if we did a survey of people after Thanksgiving, 99% of people would say they overate!

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