Hotel Guests Are A Captive Audience





The Hotel Networks (THN) recently announced the results of a Zoomerang survey on the receptiveness to different forms of advertising in the hotel room by guests.


The results indicated that hotel guests are much less likely to multi-task while watching TV compared to TV viewing at home. Furthermore, respondents indicate that they watch more TV commercials in their hotel room than at home.  And finally the study found that over 20% of guests watched a TV program they had never seen before in a hotel room and later began watching that program at home.


I have found this to be the case for me as well; that while staying at a hotel my television viewing habits are truly different than when I’m at home. It seems to make sense – usually your hotel room is a sanctuary at the end of either a long day of business of just plain fun. What a better time to just sit and veg and take in something new without any distractions?


I would imagine this is the very type of data that advertisers need in order to stay relevant to their audiences.

            Check out the results of the Zoomerang survey


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