Technology And The Internet In The Workplace



Mitel, a Canadian-based communications solutions provider, recently released the results of a Zoomerang survey entitled “Unified Communications Trends”. The survey was conducted so that the company could gain a better understanding of where business and employee awareness levels currently lie with unified communications.


According to the survey, more and more Canadian workplaces are using technology and the Internet to conduct everyday business tasks. One not so surprising result was that Generation X and Y-ers are the most comfortable using the Internet and UC-type technologies.


Of the respondents, 40% said their employer offers them the option of working from another location other than their office. Of those, 36% take advantage of it between 0-4 days per month, and 22% do so at least 16 times a month. That option alone offers companies an often overlooked benefit: a reduction in the company’s real estate costs. Remote workers minimize the overall space needed since they are working offsite at client sites or at home, thereby reducing the company’s needed workspace.


In addition, the survey results clearly show how technology is also a major player in helping us “green” the workplace. While it doesn’t sound like much per employee, 42% of respondents claim while not going to the office they have an estimated fuel savings of less than $25 a month. When added together, the overall monetary fuel savings as well as the reduced environmental impact and carbon footprint from commuting employees is substantial. How do you like that, two “green” savings wrapped into one!


I find it encouraging that more and more companies are becoming increasingly responsive in using current technology as well as innovative in developing new technology products. These are far-reaching steps that benefit a company’s bottom line, their employees, and most importantly the world we all live in.   

            Check out the results of the Zoomerang survey


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  1. Kol says:

    Your topic was great! Thanks for taking a moment to draft such an interesting article….

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