Parents Want More Technology In Schools



Studywiz Spark announced the results of a nationwide parent survey regarding online access, mobility, gaming and safety within the school environment. The results show that 92% of the parents surveyed say that they would like to have online access to the same content distributed to their children, but only 49% report that their schools provide such access.


Key findings of the study also include:


The most important perceived benefits to parents of online access are access to missed work assignments and the ability for parents to be more involved


Of those who do not have online access to their children’s schoolwork, only 23% think they would log on to view it every day if they could. Of those who have online access, only 9% log on to view their children’s schoolwork every day. This indicates minimal need for concern about hovering or “helicoptering” parents


Of those who have online access, 65% of respondents log on at least once per week


75% of respondents report comfort with multimedia tools, but this percentage increases to 95% given an environment that is safe and teacher-monitored


78% believe that more should be done with the technology in the school, either reporting that more computers are needed (33%), more should be done with what the schools already have (33%) or a move should be made beyond computers to a wider range of technologies (16%)


59% of parents believe that an ability to access their children’s schoolwork through their mobile devices would be beneficial


96% support the use of games provided they are educational. 53% show particularly high enthusiasm, stating either that games should be a part of schoolwork, or that students learn more from games than regular schoolwork


The possibilities offered by increasing technology in schools are expanding all the time. Consider using a Zoomerang online survey yourself to determine the technology interest level of your school’s parents and faculty as well as what their potential usage levels might be. What better way to help you determine the best invest for your budget dollars? 

            Check out the results of the Zoomerang survey


2 Responses to Parents Want More Technology In Schools

  1. Joy says:

    Based on the survey result, it is surprising that parents have become open with the use of technology in schools. And let their children interact with different applications that are conducive to learning.

  2. zoomerang says:

    Hi Joy,

    I’m not sure I understand what you mean. It seems like the survey results show that parents are enthusiastic about the use of technology in schools and only want more to be done with it.

    Thanks for your comment.

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