Innovations in Zoomerang Thought Leadership…..or How others are using Zoomerang




Zoomerang’s business, educational and non-profit customers have created and sent more than 100 million online surveys including customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and market research surveys.


Zoomerang  has become the ideal online survey solution offering endless application possibilities:


We are a large international corporate law Firm and we’ve been using Zoomerang for over 5 years. I work in the IT department and we started using Zoomerang to survey our users about the computer system. Through their feedback, we’re able to continually work on improvements that result in a better system for everyone. Zoomerang has become a great tool that we rely on regularly.

-Eric Levinson, Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw LLP


We frequently use Zoomerang in the initial and follow-up phases of consulting assignments. Zoom makes it easy to develop and deploy a survey that allows us to involve large numbers of people in understanding a situation.

-Rocky Sasser, HUMANEERING International, Inc.


We are a small arts organization that is part of a larger University. We use Zoomerang to survey our patrons and donors to help us improve the programs that we present. Zoomerang helps us understand our patrons’ interests and develop our season schedule to the best of our ability.

-Melissa Mintz, Stanford Lively Arts


Check back often for new “Innovations in Zoomerang Thought Leadership” to help ignite your survey deployment creativity.


How do you use Zoomerang? 



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