Survey Shows Even in Current Economy, Employee Retention Top Concern


A recent survey developed by Robert Half International, the world’s first and largest staffing services firm specializing in accounting and finance, reveals today’s employers are most worried about hanging on to good employees and bringing in new ones, even in the current economy. When asked, 4 out of 10 senior executives cited Retention as their greatest staffing concern.


Specifically, the results of the survey define the concerns as:


Retention 33%

Recruitment 22%

Productivity 17%

Staff morale 17%


The solution to Employee Retention sounds obvious: appeal to your employees and they will stay longer and work harder. Zoomerang’s Employee Satisfaction Survey Center offers a variety of templates designed for Human Resource professionals, so it’s easy and fast to uncover what your employees want today. Using Employee Satisfaction surveys can help you see your retention rates rise, increase employee satisfaction, address benefits concerns, and improve orientations and meetings.  


If you’re in need of additional Employee Engagement information there are some informative insights available at both The Employee Engagement Network and The Employee Engagement Network Blog

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2 Responses to Survey Shows Even in Current Economy, Employee Retention Top Concern

  1. David says:

    How to retain the good employees? Two concepts come to mind. First, respect that is earned and demonstrated daily. Listen to those who actually do the job, as they know they job better than you do. They might just have a better, faster or more effective way to do it. Then let them do it. If they fail, encourage them to try again. Small words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ also mean more than you might think.

    Second. Money Talks and Bulls*it Walks. Too many employers treat their employees like dirt then wonder why the employee’s aren’t loyal to the company.

    If you really need to figure out how to retain your best people, go read any article on employee relations at Lincoln Electric. The workers there are part of the solution, every day, because the company listens to them, respects them and pays them well. In exchange for respect and money, the workers do their best.

    via alphainventions by the way…


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