Obama Online Survey Results


More than half a million people responded to an online survey asking for feedback on what Barack Obama should do now that he has been elected president.


The Obama election campaign distributed the detailed four-page online survey by email to millions of supporters asking for their ideas to “help shape the future of this movement.”


The survey asked respondents what issues are important to them, whether they would like to remain politically involved, and whether they would be interested in running for office among other questions.


According to campaign manager David Plouffe, the results of the survey show people are excited to volunteer around a number of top issues, including education, the environment, health care, poverty, and the economy.


86% of respondents feel it’s important to help Barack’s administration pass legislation through grassroots support.


68% feel it’s important to help elect state and local candidates who share the same vision for our country.


An unexpected 10% of respondents indicated that they would be interested in running for elected office.


“Between now and Barack’s (January 20) inauguration, we’ll continue to collect your ideas and feedback,” Plouffe said. “After the inauguration, we should be able to announce a clear plan for the future of this movement — a plan determined by you.”


Obama promised during the presidential campaign to run a more transparent and interactive administration if elected, and the online survey  of supporters is one of several moves he has made in that direction.


The Obama transition team recently opened up Change.gov, his official transition website, to questions and comments from the public and began to publish the proceedings of all meetings with outside organizations.


“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” – Abraham Lincoln, 1863, Gettysburg Address


2 Responses to Obama Online Survey Results

  1. mamza says:

    I am impressed with the journey of this young man up to what he has now. Is really good to have some new changes to gain the support of most peoples.

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