Inauguration Day Is Here


After months of anticipation Inauguration Day is finally here and the inauguration of the 44th President will be historic for many reasons. I recently came across some Inauguration Day events from the annals of US history that I found a bit amusing.


Andrew Jackson sneaking out the back door, Richard Nixon annihilating the local pigeon population, Ronald Reagan attempting to redeem himself with a $20 million “for the people” celebration, the list goes on. With all the hype surrounding the current event I am sure there will be a few blunders this time as well.


With weather outlook of temps in the 30’s and snow possible, the weather should not be much of an issue. That should beat Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration when pedestrians who could not swim were urged to stay away from the muddy, rain-soaked streets.


For more on the topic at large check out Secret Service Factoids, Obama Online Survey Results, and If I Were Moving into the White House….. survey results.


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