Recent World Online Survey Shows Chinese Spend Most Time Online, Americans Come In Fifth


A recent article at the Huffington Post reveals the results of a survey of more than 27,000 web users in 16 countries.  When asked “What percent of your leisure time do you spend on the internet,” the results were as follows:


China 44%

South Korea 40%

Japan 38%

Italy 31%

US 30%

Australia 29%

Spain 29%

Canada 28%

UK 28%

France 28%

Germany 23%

Norway 22%

Netherlands 19%

Sweden 18%

Finland 16%

Denmark 15%


There were also some interesting results when asked about online socializing:


On average across all countries, respondents had 17 online friends


The average across all countries was 60% having met online friends face-to-face


The article also compared respondents’ faith in traditional versus online media and shows national differences.


I was quite surprised to learn that of the 16 countries surveyed, the UK is the least trusting of the information in its newspapers, with only 23% counting newspapers as highly trusted – roughly the same fraction who considered the Wikipedia site as highly trusted.  


I would have thought at least three other countries on the list would hold that position, I’m pretty confident about which country’s print media I would trust the least. 


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