White House Online Survey Results


The Zoomerang White House online survey results are in and a big thanks to all those who participated. We heard the opinions from people all over the country and there were some close calls as well as a few considerable front-runners. Here are some of the highlights:


Regarding moving expenses, 65% would only spend the $100,000 transition budget for the move and a few new things while 6% would spend it all and then some


As for parties, 54% would prefer intimate gatherings with high-powered friends compared to the 10% who would want to make a big splash with Galas


Presidential attire was close with 42% preferring Traditional Beltway (full suit and American pin) and 40% opting for casual Chic (blazer and shades), only 8% would go High Fashion


The White House portrait of W would hang in peace for 73% with only 4% wanting to relocate it to the Oval Office to look at it frequently


It was good to see that overall Americans are closely aligned in what they would do if they were moving into the White House: upholding the respect, traditions, honor, and privileges only 43 men have known.


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