Boost Low Morale With Better Employee Communications


A recent study by staffing service Accountemps asked senior executives about strategies for boosting low employee morale. Better communication was cited by 48% of the 150 executives as the best solution for low morale. Recognition programs followed further behind at 19%; monetary rewards for exceptional performance was suggested by 13%; and unexpected rewards, such as gift certificates or tickets to sporting events, is the preferred action for 11%.


33% of those surveyed also responded that lack of open and honest communications with staff members tops the list of management missteps that can erode morale, followed by failure to recognize employee achievements at 19%.


The Accountemps Failure To Communicate Survey reveals additional insights and also offers some helpful advise for fostering better communication with staff.


Employee satisfaction surveys are a great way to start improving your communication with employees and find out of they are happy and motivated. Zoomerang online surveys are a great tool to gain the necessary feedback from employees, offering the anonymity that is essential to candid feedback. We are ready to assist with employee survey templates as well as survey tips and suggestions to help you better communicate with your employees.


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