Web 2.0 In Business Survey Report


I recently came across a report by The McKinsey Quarterly which gives some interesting insight into how Web 2.0 technologies are viewed by businesses.


Over 50% of the executives surveyed said they were pleased with the results of their investments; however the early movers were much more satisfied than those that started out later. The general consensus was that the majority of respondents wished they had started Web 2.0 a lot earlier. Of all the Web 2.0 technologies, web services seemed to be the most popular with collective intelligence and peer-to-peer networking coming in a close second.


A breakdown by industry showed that Retail and Hi-tech are the front-runners when it comes to future plan in Web 2.0 investments. In the Region category, India leads the pack with an 80% of respondents stating that they have plans to implement Web 2.0 technologies over the next year.


Another interesting observation was the end use for these technologies. 70% of the respondents said they use it for interfacing with customers, 51% use it to interface with suppliers and partners and 75% for managing collaboration internally.


How Businesses Are Using Web 2.0: A McKinsey Global Survey” was an interesting read, and I am looking forward to future reports.


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