14 Things You Must Know About Your Customers and Prospects



 Infusionsoft, the leader in marketing automation software for small businesses, has shared their list of 7 things you must know about your customers.

Number seven on their list did not come as a surprise: “How your customers feel about your business”. Feedback from your customers is the best way to improve your products/services, meet your customer’s needs, and attract more customers.


Infusionsoft also shared 7 things you absolutely must know about your prospects, most of which can be easily compiled using a simple online survey.  Interestingly enough, the number seven must-know prospect tip is “What keeps them (your prospects) up at night?” The potential responses to a question like that can’t even be imagined. When you compose similar survey questions you should list a few choices as answers (finances, family, health, etc…) and offer the option to “select all that apply” as well as “other”. When you include an “other” option you can gather open-ended responses in order to gain further insights into your survey participant. Most likely they will share responses that you hadn’t even considered.


For additional customer insights visit the Customer Engagement Network, and for more survey insights view our additional survey tips.


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