What’s Your Online Security IQ?



F-Secure, the global leader in providing security as a service through Internet Service Providers and mobile operators, recently announced the results from its annual Online Well-being Survey conducted using Zoomerang. The study questioned Internet users worldwide on the respondents ‘security IQ’—their knowledge of online security issues.

 The majority of respondents—92% across all the countries, and 90% in the US—said they have security software installed on their computers. At the same time, only 21% of all the respondents and 14% of US respondents knew that antivirus definitions need to be updated multiple times per day. This indicates that a large population of users may have a false sense of online security, even though 67% of all respondents and 76% of US respondents stated they were aware antivirus alone couldn’t keep them safe. In addition, almost 90% knew that they can get infected by visiting a malicious website, even if they don’t download anything.


The results also revealed that people rely on their security software for online safety and secure websites to ensure the safety of their online shopping and banking. Surprisingly, only 20% of respondents across all countries and 15% of US respondents realize that appropriate online behavior on their own part also plays a big role in online security.


I think the results of this Zoomerang study show how important personal responsibility is when it comes to your life online. In the end, security tools are only as good as you let them be.


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  1. Mike says:

    Just passing by, your website has great content!

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