Master New Features. Create More Effective Surveys.


Zoomerang is always looking for new ways to make our products work smarter and harder for you. Zoomerang considers every aspect of survey preparation, creation, and deployment, as well as what you can do with the results when you get them. Zoomerang solutions are all designed to help you get answers when, where, and how you want.


Zoomerang Latest Features:


Display graphical survey results on your web page, social network site or blog (a Pro and Premium-only feature)

Now you can graphically display real-time answers to your survey questions as they come in. The Zoomerang widget is color and size customizable and can easily be added to your web page, intranet site, Facebook page, MySpace page or blog.


Import Web Contacts Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn and more (a Pro and Premium-only feature)

Quickly import email contacts from popular email providers and social networking sites into your Zoomerang Address Book. A list is automatically created and can be used to send survey invitations to.


Group Open-Ended Results by keyword (a Premium-only feature)

Easily search responses for common words and phrases to generate quantifiable results from open-ended questions. You can create multiple tag lists to group responses by category. Use the questions generated in Cross Tab Reports, Filters, and Charting for deeper analysis into your respondents’ comments.


More New Features:


Chart Your Results

Analyzing your survey results is more effective with our new create a chart feature. Customize your chart type, color, display, and sort by label or value.


Download Results to PowerPoint

Share your survey results in PowerPoint. Any closed-ended question from your survey can be shown as a chart and added to your presentation. Click “Download to PowerPoint” and you’re ready to go!


Download Results to a PDF

Save your survey results as a PDF for another easy-to-read and share summary document.


Hard Bounce Reporting

If any of your survey invitation emails deployed through Zoomerang hard bounce because the email address is no longer valid, we’ll email you a list of the invalid addresses. This feature lets you filter any invalid addresses in the Recipient Status tab and Zoomerang Address Book. You can also export hard bounce lists to Excel and clean up your internal lists quickly.


Quota Management

Set a quota to control the distribution of survey responses to a particular question. Unlike the Schedule Survey Close feature – which gives you the option to close your survey based on the total number of completed survey responses –Quota Management allows you to define groups of answer options and quota values for any closed-ended question. The survey will close when it reaches the assigned number of completed survey responses for each group. This helps reduce overages for Zoomerang Sample customers or if you provide an incentive for taking your survey.


Skip Logic

Create custom survey paths that eliminate the need for your respondents to read and respond to irrelevant questions, enabling you to capture quality data from each survey response.


Survey Reminders

Increase response rates to your survey by sending reminders to those who’ve not yet responded.


Advanced Reporting

Cross-tabulate results between groups of respondents and dig deeper into your survey data to analyze a subset of respondents with filtering.


If you have any questions about these or any other features you can visit online support at the Zoomerang Knowledge Base, leave me a comment, or send me an email.

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