Zoomerang Webinars – Watch And Learn



Zoomerang webinars hold a vast amount of information that is easily accessible online and they are designed to help you create the best surveys possible.


Here is just a sample of the available Zoomerang Webinar Recordings:


Zoomerang Basic Members: Getting Started – A complete overview of all the features available to Zoomerang Basic subscribers, including general survey tips and best practices.


Capturing “In-The-Moment” Feedback With Zoomerang Mobile Surveys – Use Zoomerang to collect in-the-moment feedback from your respondents – right after a meeting, in a store, at an event, or wherever they may be. In this webinar, Zoomerang shows you how and why to send surveys via text messages.


Zoomerang Charting & Quota Management – Two exciting features that make getting valuable feedback and sharing your survey results even easier!  


Education Surveys and Best Practices – This webinar covers online survey best practices for education professionals, common survey types, and walks through a course evaluation survey to demonstrate some of Zoomerang’s best features.


Help Reaching Your Target Market – Who you ask is as important as what you ask. This webinar shows you how to find the right respondents from your Sample provider. 


Measuring and Tracking Customer Satisfaction – Do you track customer satisfaction? Learn why customer satisfaction is important, and best practices for gathering and interpreting satisfaction data.


Zoomerang Skip Logic, Filters and Crosstabs – Learn how to use 3 of Zoomerang’s most powerful tools. Skip respondents over questions that don’t apply to them, and then take a closer look at your survey results using filters and crosstabs.


If after viewing the current Zoomerang webinar list there is a topic that you would like to see covered, drop me a note and I’ll see what we can do to help.  

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  1. Pedro says:

    Your topic was interesting. I found it on Friday searching for online marketing webinar…

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