St Patrick’s Day 2009 – Will Americans Be Sharing or Only Wearing The Green?



Along with New Year’s and Halloween, St Patrick’s Day is one of the major party-inducing holidays each year. The National Retail Federation’s latest Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey found that the average spend per person will fall this year, as Americans look for cheaper ways to celebrate such as parties at home or cheaper drink brands. While total spending is expected to reach $3.29 billion, the average per person spend is expected to drop from 2008’s $35.04 to $32.80.


According to the survey, 25-34 year-olds will spend the most, with an average of $39.42 per person, but even young adults aged 18-24, who are usually eager to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, are expected to spend less – $36.05 this year compared to $42.20 in 2008.


When asked If they will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day this year, 44% of the respondents said yes while 56% had no plans to do so.


The celebration plans breakdown:


82% plan to wear green

17% plan to attend a private party

30% plan to attend a party at a bar/restaurant

22% plan to decorate home or office

33% plan to make a special dinner


Want to have your St Patrick’s Day opinions heard? Take our 5 questions St Patrick’s Day Survey. Once you have completed the survey look for “View Survey Results” on the top of the Thank-You page to view the results in real-time to see how your answers compare. 


2 Responses to St Patrick’s Day 2009 – Will Americans Be Sharing or Only Wearing The Green?

  1. Heather says:

    Funny survey. Can anybody send surveys like this for free by signing up at or did I need to save the page from the survey?

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