Introducing – Your Intelligent Market Research Center


Researchers are in a bind. They are being asked to complete more projects, with quicker turnaround times and a smaller margin of error, for less money – while also dealing with fast-changing markets, fraudulent respondents, and increasingly unresponsive consumers. The result is often a loss of control over the research process.


To address this issue, MarketTools, the parent company of Zoomerang, recently announced the full launch and expansion of, the first and only fully integrated, centralized research platform that brings together a comprehensive set of research applications and fraud-free data collection, combined with research expertise and flexible services. The platform is the only market research hub that brings all of these capabilities together in one centralized location available anywhere, at any time. puts researchers in complete control of all their research activities. By tying together the isolated tools and processes they use day-to-day, simplifies and expedites each of the tasks researchers perform. was designed by market researchers for market researchers. It allows you to:


Uncover new truths – By tying together fragmented projects and processes, allows you to extract more from your research. You get a deeper understanding of research results, build on your previous learning, and gain fresh insights into your target markets


Expand service choices – Take advantage of the full range of services – from self-service survey tools to full-service research programs – or a blend of services. You can outsource what you want, focus on your strengths, and leverage our specialized expertise when you need to


Get results you can believe in – gives you access to TrueSample,™ the industry’s first quality-assured sample that enables you to manage your own certified sample program or gain access to our validated panel. Plus, with Survey Evaluator you can evaluate the effectiveness of your surveys prior to deployment and manage a consistently error-free process.


Accelerate results – The tools don’t just work together, they work together well, so you can eliminate rework, minimize one-offs, stop programming surveys from existing documents, and better manage your projects – in less time.


Visit the newly launched site today to find out how can help make your online market research easier, faster, more cost effective and insightful.

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2 Responses to Introducing – Your Intelligent Market Research Center

  1. Sooty says:

    Awesome stuff. Keep up the great work.

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