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Zoomerang has a wealth of information available to help you collect the actionable data you need and analyze the results. You can find a new Zoomerang Survey Tip each day on Twitter which are designed to help make your survey experience a success.


To bring you up to date, I have compiled 25 online survey tips for easier reference and will be posting weekly updates as well.


– Mention in your invite how survey participation will benefit the respondents


– For sensitive topics, be sure to include ‘decline to answer’ or ‘prefer not to answer’


– Choose your words carefully because they can impact your survey results


– Display Answer Options Vertically – List most positive answer first – Quicker and easier to read


– Respondents can complete 5 closed-ended questions per minute and 2 open-ended questions per minute on average


– Before you deploy, send out a few test surveys to find glitches and/or unexpected question interpretations


– Use consistent font type and size throughout your survey for a professional appearance


– Save time- Turn each survey result into a chart in Zoomerang & send straight to PPT


– Confidence level- indicator of level of certainty that survey results are w/in margin of error. 95% is typical


– Make sure your survey questions get to the point and avoid the use of jargon


– Make closed ended skip logic/critical questions mandatory in your surveys


– The order of screening questions should be that the questions that eliminate the most respondents come first


– The term “incidence” refers to the % of people in a category. Incidence rate = % of people qualifying for a survey


– To improve the open rate of your survey invitation email, keep subject lines short- 35 characters or less


– Researchers use online sample to survey a specific group of people ie. men 18-24, when they need a list. U can 2!


– Keep your survey short. < or =5 min is best; 6-10 mins is ok; >11 min & you will see higher abandonment


– If your question includes “and” or “or” in it, it may be two questions in one. Avoid this b/c both statements may not apply


– If you want to generalize the survey results to a larger group, check to see how well your respondent’s profiles represent that group


– Write your survey in Word or Notepad first so that you can have it reviewed & easily make changes before you start programming


– If the target audience for your survey is 2,000 people or less, send the invitation to as many of them as possible


– Questions that have skip logic should be the last question on the page


– Cross tab any time you need to see if there is a relationship between two survey questions


– Don’t forget to send a reminder email if you don’t have enough responses to your survey. It’s easy and effective


– Use a 5-point satisfaction scale with descriptive labels associated with the numbers


– Incentives typically boost response rates by 50% on average


You can also find additional online survey tips and suggestions here at the Zoomerang blog as well as links to helpful Zoomerang tutorials and Zoomerang webinars.


Be sure to follow Zoomerang on Twitter if you would like to view the Survey Tip each day. You can also add the Zoomerang blog to your RSS feed or bookmark the site to get the weekly recap. If you have any survey tips you would like to share leave me a comment or send me an email, Zoomerang is all about sharing knowledge!

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6 Responses to Zoomerang’s Survey Tip Of The Day On Twitter

  1. Peter says:

    These are extremely helpful – Thanks!

  2. Dave says:

    Any recommendations on the best way to analyze open ended survey responses – we spend lots of time on this…

    • Donna says:

      Dave –

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and ask, you have great timing.

      Zoomerang recently released a new feature: Tag Open-Ended Responses. It is an innovative open-ended response analysis tool that enables users to dive into their respondents’ written feedback and leverage it to make better decisions. You can learn more here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2009/04/prweb2288644.htm

      Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help.

  3. Vanallen says:

    Very useful, thanks a lot.

    • Donna says:

      Glad you found them useful. Be sure to bookmark the blog and check back for the weekly update or subscribe to our feed as well as follow us on Twitter @zoomerangsurvey for the Survey Tip of the Day.

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