Spending On Trade Shows Is Down, The Value Remains Indisputable



The Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA) recently announced the results of their 2009 Exhibit Management Survey. Professionals who use exhibits, events or face-to-face marketing to promote and sell their products participated in the Zoomerang survey this past winter.


Overall, budgets for exhibiting and the number of trade shows that exhibitors plan to attend are set to decline in 2009 – but only by about 17% – most likely because trade shows are still a primary means for generating sales leads.


Key findings from the survey include:


Exhibitors attended an average of 30 trade shows in 2008 and expect to attend 25 in 2009


Trade shows will account for one third of an organization’s overall marketing budget in 2009


Budgets for exhibiting will decrease from an average $459,100 in 2008 to $381,000 in 2009


Spending for medical/healthcare/pharmaceutical industry events will increase 5% in 2009, but spending for technology shows will decrease 46%


A survey is an easy way to collect multiple data points from a large group of people. Zoomerang users in the marketing and event planning departments have deployed surveys to ask representatives about their arrival times to a trade show, their requested shifts, etc. and have used that information to plan their event. Afterward, they deployed a separate survey to ask the representatives for their opinion on the value of the tradeshow, the number of sales attributed to it, and whether they plan to attend next year.


Zoomerang can also be used to gather data outside of the standard email or web link deployment process. For example, you can use Zoomerang surveys to collect information at a kiosk at a conference or trade show.


Be sure to visit the Zoomerang Event Planning Survey Center to get the most out of your events. Whether it’s pre-, during or post-event, Zoomerang makes it easy to evaluate your event and solicit the feedback you need to be the best in the business.


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