Survey Shows Companies Are Wasting Both Money and Time On Mobile Devices



According to a new survey by Mobi, a mobile device management company, companies are wasting money on unused minutes and unnecessary charges for their employees’ mobile phones

 The results of the recent Zoomerang survey found that:


Only one in four employees uses most (75% – 100%) of the monthly minutes their company is paying for


More than one third (35%) of employees have downloaded extras like ringtones and costly data applications for their mobile devices, on the company dime


14% of employees are spending $10 or more per month of their company’s money on extras


Nearly half (48%) of employees say their wireless plan includes services they don’t use


43% of IT professionals think they consistently overpay for wireless device service and 22% of those think they overpay by 20% or more each month


The survey also reveals that money isn’t the only thing being wasted. Internal IT administrators are often utilized as the first line of defense to assist employees with day-to-day program issues. Almost half the IT managers surveyed said they spend 20% or more of their department’s time on wireless management. Employees are also spending significant work hours dealing with wireless – 31% spend between one and five hours a month on mobile issues, while 13% spend more than 10 hours a month.


It appears that one of the main reasons many companies lack a mobile device policy is that they don’t know where to begin: One third of companies have no policy in place at all, and another 17% don’t enforce their policy.


According to the counter on the Mobi site, the dollar amount wasted this year by corporate employees on unnecessary mobile expenses is a staggering $109 Million and counting. It seems to me that mobile device policies should become a major focus for companies over the next few months; the savings appear to be there for the taking.


One Response to Survey Shows Companies Are Wasting Both Money and Time On Mobile Devices

  1. Mike says:

    I review all of my teams plans quartely to see if we fit the criteria of the plan or the plan fits our criteria.

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