The Greening of HR Survey Results



With Earth day coming up next week I was researching green Initiatives in Corporate America when I came across an interesting read: The Greening of HR Survey Results from Buck Consultants. The report confirms companies are indeed integrating green practices.


Over half of the companies surveyed have incorporated environmental management into business operations and have a formal green program in place or plan to implement one in the next 12 months.


More than half of the survey participants currently have the following green programs in place:


78% are using the internet or teleconferencing to cut down on business travel


77% are putting Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) or other company information online to reduce printing


76% are promoting the reduction of paper usage


68% are implementing wellness programs around proper nutrition, fitness, and healthy living


57% are offering opportunities for employees to “telework” or work from home


52% have ride/share programs


More than 60% of companies surveyed have made environmental responsibility a part of their organization’s mission statement and view the promotion of social responsibility as the most critical objective of their green programs. In nearly 50% of companies, only 5% or less of their employees are actively involved in green programs.


In a Tandberg survey, the results showed that 53% of global consumers (representing 1.1 billion people) prefer to purchase products and services from a company with a strong environmental reputation. With consumer awareness regarding a company’s green actions growing each year, it is good to see that companies are starting to take a more active role in doing their part. We can all take easy steps at work to lessen our environmental impact by implementing at least a few of these 10 Ways to Green Your Office.


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