TrueSample™ 2.0 – Ensuring Better Decisions with Fraud-Free Sample



Bad respondents can be found in both Consumer and B2B Panels. The Advertising Research Foundation released a study of the top 17 online panels that revealed that there is 41% overlap in their samples. In addition, recent research by Mike Conklin, MarketTools’ Chief Methodologist, found that the risk of making a bad business decision DOUBLES when fake or duplicate panelists remain within your research sample.

This research confirms the industry’s deepest concerns – the integrity of online research is at risk if we don’t improve sample quality.


In response to industry concerns, Zoomerang’s parent company MarketTools just released TrueSample™ Manager 2.0: Ensuring Fraud-Free Sample. TrueSample Manager 2.0 ensures that the growing presence of bad respondents in online panels will not affect your research, by applying rigorous, automated filters in real-time to online panelists and allowing you to monitor the results. With TrueSample Manager 2.0, your sample contains only panelists who are:


Real – Only panelists who really are who they say they are can participate in research studies. We know they are real because we check against 3rd party databases to make sure.


Unique – No panelists will be able to participate in a study more than once. By eliminating both overlaps (panelists in multiple panels) and duplicates (panelists who try to sign up in one panel more than once), TrueSample Manager ensures that each panelist in your study is unique.


Engaged – TrueSample’s award-wining engagement technology takes out speeders and straightliners – in real-time, and gives you feedback on survey design via SurveyScore™.


In addition, you can now monitor the results on each study. With our latest release of TrueSample, we provide easy-to-read, real-time graphing for each study, so you can see how many fraudulent panelists TrueSample removes from your studies, by sample supplier.


For more information on sample quality be sure to read the MarketTools white paper “The Impact Bad Respondents Have On Business Decisions”. You can also register to attend the AMA/MarketTools Sample Quality Webcast “Getting to the Bottom of Sample Quality: What Industry Leaders are Doing to Uncover the Truth and Take Action” on Tuesday May 5, 2009 @10am PST where top industry leaders discuss how they achieve sample quality.

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