Survey Shows Employees Remaining Upbeat During Tough Economic Times


A recent survey conducted by Zoomerang on behalf of iDashboards, the leader in Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard software, revealed that 75% of surveyed employees trust their companies are making the right decisions that may hurt somewhat today, but will prove critical to the company’s future success.


The Economic Impact On Employees Survey results shows that 60% of respondents have experienced cuts, with layoffs being the number one cut at 54%, followed by travel restrictions at 38% and employee furloughs at 13%. The budget cuts were viewed as reasonable and would ensure the longevity of their companies by 75% of the respondents.


The survey also revealed that employers have yet to largely slash compensation. A total of 80% of the respondents stated that their salary has either remained the same or increased. A quite surprising 12% reported their salaries have increased since the economic decline and 68% say their compensation remains unchanged. Of those workers that receiving a pay hike, 54% saw an increase of less than 5%, while 31% reported increases in the 5-10% range.


74% of the respondents confirmed they would not seek another job over the next 12 months and that the upbeat and positive attitude should last for the foreseeable future as long as employers continue with the openness, transparency and daily communications of where the company stands and how employees can contribute.


In addition, the Zoomerang survey shows that boosting morale and motivating employees is getting easier. Respondents noted that “consistent feedback” and “positive reinforcement,” as well as “non-monetary rewards” such as “dress down days,” “vacation time” and “contests” are the best ways for corporations to show their appreciation.


As this study shows, online surveys are a great tool to gain necessary insights from employees, offering the anonymity that is essential to candid feedback. Visit the Zoomerang Employee Satisfaction Survey Center where you will find pre-designed employee survey templates to help you discover how to boost morale and better motivate your employees.


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