Survey Shows Adult Children Choose Mom Over Dad


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A recent Zoomerang study commissioned by Senior Helpers, the nation’s fastest growing provider of in-home care for seniors, found that 70% of adult children would overwhelmingly choose their mom over their dad to move in with them if their elderly parents could not take care of themselves.

The Zoomerang survey also revealed:

– Daughters are more likely than sons to want mom to move in. 80% of women agreed to take care of mom in their home while only 65% of men agreed

– 30% of those surveyed did not want mom moving in at all. The main reasons cited were that mom would disrupt their lives, they did not have enough room, or they could not provide adequate care

– People in the Northeast and Southeast were most agreeable to mom moving in. People in the Midwest were the least likely to want mom to move in

– 67% of the respondents say if mom was not able to move in they would prefer mom live on her own with help, rather than move into a nursing home or assisted living facility

It’s not all bad news for dad:

– 72% of daughters and 58% of sons say they would move dad in with them if he could not take care of himself

– 80% of both men and women say they would pay out of their own pocket for their mom or dad’s care

The results shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise: Mother’s Day is always better business than Father’s Day. This year’s National Retail Federation predictions had Mother’s Day spending at $14.10 billion and Father’s Day spending at $9.9 billion. It does seem dad may be gaining some ground; this year’s individual spending estimates on dad is almost $10 higher than last year.


One Response to Survey Shows Adult Children Choose Mom Over Dad

  1. tom says:

    Hi, no matter who prefers whom the basic idea of life is family.

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