Zoomerang Best Practices: Online Survey Question Types


Question Types

Zoomerang offers many different question types for use on surveys. Below are some best practices associated with various online survey question types.

Mandatory Questions

– Use mandatory questions only as necessary. Using too many mandatory questions tends to result in fewer completes

– Allow for N/A (non applicable) or ‘other answer’. In many cases, if there is no valid answer, the results could be skewed by not allowing an N/A option

– Reduce the number of mandatory questions on a page, especially if you are using complicated rating matrix questions.

Ranking and Rating Scale Questions

– When using ranking and/ or rating questions, limit the number of questions per page. If the respondent has to scroll down to view the next question, we recommend adding the next question to a new page. In general, it is best to limit the amount of scrolling that a respondent needs to do on one page. Fewer questions per page also causes respondents to use the submit button more frequently which records their answers

– Limit the number of items in ranking or rating scale questions to fewer than ten. These questions can become difficult to read after ten options. Longer rating or ranking questions can also cause display issues in some environments

Open-Ended Questions

– There are three kinds of open ended questions: Open Ended One Line, Open Ended One or More Lines with Prompt and Open Ended Comments Box

– For short answers, the Open Ended One Line and Open Ended One or More Lines with Prompt work well; each line is limited to 50 characters

– For essay or open comments, use the Open Ended Comments Box to accommodate up to 3,500 characters

– Zoomerang recently launched a brand new feature, Tag Cloud, that dramatically reduces the time involved in analyzing open-ends

Image Questions

– If there is no text for your image, add ‘ ’ in the space for the question. Without the ‘ ’ added, your image will not appear

Zoomerang also provides you with over 100 professionally designed online survey templates to help you create a best-in-class survey in minutes. With Zoomerang, you can quickly and easily create online surveys and receive the fast feedback you need to make important decisions. Remember: the information you need is only a survey away!

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2 Responses to Zoomerang Best Practices: Online Survey Question Types

  1. marcob says:

    Hi, would it be possible to add audio or video files to a questionnaire? If so, does Zoomerang have this feature?

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