Zoomerang Online Survey Deployment



Zoomerang offers three survey deployment options that are not mutually exclusive, so you may use more than one distribution option for a single survey. After the initial launch, you can always deploy the survey to additional recipients regardless of the option you chose initially.

Zoomerang online survey deployment options include:

Send the survey by email through Zoomerang using email addresses from your address book or new addresses you enter

– Send the survey by email through Zoomerang using an email list provided by Zoomerang

Generate a URL link to send through your own email system or to post on a website

If sending your survey through Zoomerang, Pro and Premium Zoomerang subscribers can schedule the survey to launch at a later date and time. Zoomerang Premium subscribers can also take advantage of the convenience of mobile phone surveys.

When deploying your survey keep these Zoomerang best practices in mind:

– Include opt-out instructions in your email invitations so respondents can let you know if they no longer wish to receive emails from you

– If a respondent chooses to opt out, remove their email address immediately to prevent spam complaints

– Do not send surveys via email deployment to a distribution list such as all@zoomerang.com. Only select the email deployment option if you have a one-to-one relationship, meaning only the receiving email address will take the survey and the link will not be forwarded. If you want to send to a distribution list, use the url option and send it via your own email client

Need survey tips? Zoomerang offers a great deal of free resources to help you including:

10 Tips to Improve Your Surveys

How Many People Do I Survey?

12 Tips To Help Increase Your Survey Response Rates

Survey Design Checklist

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