Zoomerang Best Practices: Analyzing Your Survey Results



Zoomerang’s automated reports allow you to view your survey results online in real-time graphic format and your survey results are available to you with the click of a button:

– To ensure your survey success, we recommend first viewing the survey results analysis quick online demo

– Overall results (counts and percentages) for all completed interviews to all survey questions. This is the default report displayed on the Results Overview page

Share your overall results online or via email

–  Compare results between groups of respondents with Cross Tabs. Understand how cross tabulation reports are calculated

 – Dig deeper into your survey data to analyze a subset of respondents with filtering

See how each respondent answered your survey

Exclude specific responses from your results

To help provide you with actionable data, Zoomerang offers these best practices tips for analyzing your survey data:

– Trending over time: For satisfaction surveys, be they customer, product, employee, training or otherwise, it is helpful to see how the ratings change over time, month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, etc. To effectively track these trends, you will need to ensure your question content and rating scales remain consistent over time. For example, overall satisfaction with Zoomerang quarter after quarter has ranged from 95% to 97%

– If you want to generalize the survey results to a larger group, check to see how well your respondents represent that group. If you know certain profiling information about the audience you were trying to reach, for example the percentage of males and females, check to see whether you have the percentages you were expecting

– In creating a cross tab, the question that you believe changes or affects the responses to the other question, should be the column question. The question responses that are being affected or explained, should be the row question. For example, if you believe that gender affects likelihood of purchase, then gender should be selected as the column question

– Save Time! Allow Zoomerang to program, translate, and send your survey. We can even help you access your target audience for your survey

Zoomerang also provides you with over 100 professionally designed online survey templates to help you create a best-in-class survey in minutes. With Zoomerang, you can quickly and easily create online surveys and receive the fast feedback you need to make important decisions. Remember: the information you need is only a survey away!

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