Zoomerang Celebrates Independence Day



Online surveys offer significant advantages over other modes of data collection, and you should use them whenever possible. Some of the advantages include:

Speed – The Internet offers instantaneous distribution of surveys and real-time accumulation and tabulation of results. This allows for immediate data analysis, even while the survey is still in progress

Candor – People are more honest when their answers are not filtered through someone. This is essential for research on sensitive subject matter where studies indicate people are more likely to answer questions on the Web than they are on the phone or in personal interviews. The removal of interviewer bias and the elimination of the wait time for an interviewer to record results also yields more candid and complete responses to open-ended questions

Cost – The Internet eliminates many of the costs associated with traditional marketing research. Online surveys avoid postage and telephone costs as well as basic materials like paper, staples, envelopes, and printing. Because it is self-directed, there is no interviewer cost. Finally, it’s more convenient so the cost of offering incentives can be reduced

To help you celebrate your independence from traditional survey methods, Zoomerang is offering an Independence Day Weekend special:

Sign up for Zoomerang Pro during the 4th of July weekend and you’ll get 2 months free with a 1 year subscription

Hurry, this 3-day offer is only valid July 3rd – 5th, 2009!


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