Zoomerang Survey Coach: What is the Difference Between a Cross Tab and a Comparison Report?



Your primary goal in conducting a survey is transforming the survey data into information on which you can take action. Analyzing and interpreting survey data requires as much diligence and strategy as the survey creation process itself.

Comparison reports allows you to drill down into your survey data by the filters that you set up, and then create new charts that bring the information and insight to life. Comparison reports allow you to group subsets of data using filters on which to base your comparisons for analysis. Cross tab reports are based only on questions in the survey.

If the filters used in a comparison report are based on individual answer prompts and you apply the same filters to a cross tab report, you may see similar results, but the format is displayed differently.

Comparison Reports display the results in bar graph format and include a key of the individual filter groups and their respective bar colors being compared.

Comparison Report 1

Cross Tab Reports display the results in a table consisting of rows and columns

Comparison Report 2

The Comparison Report feature is available to Zoomerang Premium subscribers. If you have a Zoomerang Basic (free) or Pro account, learn more about the benefits of upgrading now.

You can visit the Zoomerang Knowledge Base to learn more on Comparison reports:

Create a Comparison Report

Set Calculation Method on Comparison Report

How to Read a Comparison Report

Why do the percentages on a Comparison Report add up to less than or more than 100%?

For more survey analysis information you can also view Zoomerang Best Practices: Analyzing Your Survey Results as well as the additional Zoomerang Survey Coach posts: What is a Cross Tab Report and Why Would I Need It? and What is a Filter and Why Would I Need It?


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