Online Survey Email Deployment and Tracking

Email Deployment and Tracking

Once your online survey has been designed and thoroughly tested, it will be ready for deployment. Zoomerang offers both email and web survey deployment options which are not mutually exclusive, so you may use more than one distribution option for a single survey. After the initial launch, you can always deploy your survey to additional recipients regardless of the option you chose initially.

Email surveys are superior to web deployments in several ways:

    – You can schedule deployments to launch at a later date and time

    – You can view responses for an individual respondent if you desire to do so

    – You can identify which recipients have not yet responded to the survey

    – You can send a reminder email to those people who have not yet responded to your survey

     – You can manage your email lists through the address book feature and easily handle opt-outs and bounces

    – You can use online surveys as a way to do a quiz or test

There are however a few disadvantages of using Email Deployment to consider:

    – Survey results are not anonymous, although you can choose not to display the email address when viewing results.

    – A specific survey URL is generated for each individual survey respondent and cannot be forwarded to others or posted on a website. Use the Web Deployment option instead of or in addition to the Email Deployment option if you want to post the survey link on your website.

Before you deploy your email survey be sure to review Zoomerang’s Best Practices for Survey Email Invitations. Regardless of your deployment choice, check out Zoomerang’s 12 Tips To Help Increase Your Survey Response Rates to help ensure your survey experience is as successful as it can be.

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