Employee Opinion Surveys


Employee Opinion Survey

Employee Opinion Surveys are a great tool to help you assess specific issues and areas of concern to your company. Understanding your company’s level of employee commitment, and employees’ attitudes toward the things that drive that commitment, will help you identify organizational factors that need improvement.

To help you get the most out of your Employee Opinion Survey keep these factors in mind:

Company leadership should clearly communicate three main points: the Why, What, and How of the survey. The rumor mill will kick in as soon as word of the survey is out so it is important to clearly explain why the company is conducting the survey at this time, what it hopes to accomplish as a result of the survey and how it intends to use the survey findings.

Get some buzz going before you deploy the survey: release several announcements in advance and have managers talk to employees which will get employees talking to each other. This will help to increase the response rate.

Expect some skepticism, cynicism, and resistance from employees, those are all part of the change process. At first people tend to focus first on their frustrations; for the most part a cynic is often just a disillusioned idealist. Over time, many people become more engaged problem solvers.

Always engage employees in the change efforts as it helps to gain their commitment. In addition, it instills in employees the notion that while they have the right to raise legitimate concerns they also have a responsibility to propose and work toward solutions.

After conducting an Employee Opinion Survey management must take action in response to the survey findings. Not taking action can breed cynicism and result in decreased employee morale. Any actions and progress made should be recognized internally and promoted so employees can clearly understand the impact of the survey.

Remember that most employees are tolerant, forgiving and understand things take time to change. What they want most is to be able to see that management has good intentions and is making an honest effort to improve the work environment.

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