Social Network Surveys And Polls


Social Networks Surveys Polls

Crowdsourcing can be both fun and informative, and most people seem to enjoy sharing their opinions. Online surveys and polls are an affordable tool and Social Networks are the perfect platform to hear and be heard. Posting a one question poll or a short survey on Facebook or on MySpace as well as other Social Network sites will help you quickly and easily gather feedback on any subject, whether for casual or business purposes.  

After the negotiated release of American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee was splashed across televisions and web browsers worldwide last month, Zoomerang decided to celebrate with a fun one-question survey –“Who would you want to negotiate on your behalf if you were imprisoned in a foreign country?” The question was posed via email as well as on Facebook and the responses ranged from the expected to the unique:

Former President Bill Clinton was the popular choice with 52% of survey takers naming him as there chosen negotiator, followed by Chuck Norris and Angelina Jolie coming in at a dead heat for second  – each with 12%. An interesting comparison revealed two times as many men chose Angelina for their negotiator as women.

Survey takers were also given the option to suggest their own hero and 22% decided on someone else entirely. The wide variety of answers ranged from the logical “Papa Smurf” to the less strategic choice of Priceline Negotiator “William Shatner”. On a more serious note, other answers included “Ron Paul, Hilary Clinton, Nelson Mandela, my mom and the Dalai Lama.”

Zoomerang makes it easy for you to create and invite your friends to your Facebook poll at no cost, and there are also many interesting polls posted that are awaiting your input. Current Zoomerang Facebook polls range from “What should we name our dog?” (LuLu is the current front-runner), and “How often do you use Facebook?” (Daily seems to be the most frequent) to “What is most important to you in a website design?” (Ease of finding information is the leading response).

Whether for fun or for a pressing business issue, posting a quick survey or poll on your Social Network profile every few days is a great way to gather the feedback you need while at the same time engaging your visitors and keep them coming back.

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