Zoomerang’s Survey Tip Of The Day On Twitter – Weekly Update 09/09/09


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Zoomerang has a wealth of information available to help you collect the actionable data you need and analyze the results. You can find a new Zoomerang Survey Tip each day on Twitter which are designed to help make your survey experience a success.

To help keep you up to date, I have compiled the survey tips from the last week for easier reference and I will be posting an update weekly.

–  “Would you recommend our products to friends/family?” is an essential question for any customer satisfaction survey

–  A larger number of small incentives will bring a higher response rate than a smaller number of large incentives

–  When appropriate include a consent form – i.e. Please click on “I agree to participate” to allow us to use your data

–  Posing questions in the third person instead of in the second person can be less threatening i.e. How do YOUR COLLEAGUES feel about management? vs. How do YOU feel about management?

– If you have a list of potential survey respondents in Excel you can easily select a random sample

You can find compiled lists of the previous Survey Tip of the Days as well as additional online survey tips and suggestions here at the Zoomerang blog as well as links to helpful Zoomerang tutorials and Zoomerang webinars.

Be sure to follow Zoomerang on Twitter if you would like to view the Survey Tip each day. You can also add the Zoomerang blog to your RSS feed or bookmark the site to get the weekly recap. If you have any survey tips you would like to share leave me a comment or send me an email, Zoomerang is all about sharing knowledge.

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