Streamline Your Survey Creation Process


Time Is Money

Time is money. It’s an old cliché that we all know and understand. Knowledge is power. It’s another old cliché and a market research tenet. These days, even more so than in recent years, every business regardless of its size needs to find creative ways to save without delivering less value.

In an effort to assist in streamlining your survey creation process, Zoomerang developed the Text Import feature which can be used by all subscribers to save time in gathering needed knowledge.

As fast and easy as creating an online survey is from within Zoomerang, you can now skip that process altogether. Zoomerang’s new Text Import feature is designed to make the survey creation process more efficient and it couldn’t be simpler to use: just create your survey in MS Word or any text file and in 5 quick steps your survey will be automatically programmed for you.

The Text Import feature makes the transition to online surveys from paper surveys seamless. Once you have fined-tuned your survey as a document all you have to do is upload the final survey straight into Zoomerang to be automatically programmed for you and you are then ready to deploy. Even if you are editing or finalizing a survey which has already been created in Zoomerang, you can export it from Zoomerang to MS Word, finalize it, and import it back in to Zoomerang.

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