IT Market Research Surveys


Information Technology Surveys

The latest quarterly report from First Research reveals the US information technology (IT) industry includes about 95,000 companies that generate about $175 billion in annual revenue and the average annual revenue per employee is close to $160,000.

Information Technology departments are always looking for ways to make more efficient use of an organization’s computer systems. Historically, it has been extremely difficult for researchers to confidently survey a sample population of IT professionals because of fraudulent survey respondents. In fact, more than 40% of online IT panels contain survey takers who are not really in IT. 

Finding a target audience of IT professionals for survey deployment does not have to be the hassle it was in the past. ZoomPanel Tech is a stand-alone panel of IT Pros & Developers who are profiled on over 120 specialties giving you direct access to IT decision makers, those who drive budgets in Enterprise and Medium-sized organizations. ZoomPanel Tech is a revolutionary new B2B panel that certifies its survey takers as IT professionals through a rigorous screening process that rejects over 50% of potential survey panelists. The quality of the survey respondents is so high, access rates come in consistently around an impressive 40%.

According to Baseline the Top 10 Trends in IT for 2009 are:

1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

2. Virtualization

3. Enterprise Mobility

4. Energy-Efficient Data centers

5. Security, Risk and Compliance

6. Social Networking

7. Web 2.0

8. Document Management and E-Discovery

9. Project Management and Project Portfolio Management

10. Web and Video Collaboration

To gain the IT insights you need on the Top 10 Trends and beyond, Zoomerang offers the best all-around IT survey solution to quickly and easily create, deploy and analyze your technology-focused research.  Zoomerang allows you to have the confidence you need in your online IT Market Research studies, helping you stay competitive with accurate market research on technology.

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