Healthcare Surveys And Online Healthcare Professionals Survey Panels


Healthcare Survey Panels

According to a recent survey among the general population commissioned by Siegel+Gale only 37% of Americans said that they understood the Obama Administration’s Universal Healthcare plan but there is little insight to be found regarding healthcare industry  professionals on this as well as other healthcare-related topics.

Mail surveys are a frequently used method of data collection in healthcare professional research. A recent study was conducted by BMC Health Services Research to estimate current response rates, assess whether response rates are falling, to explore factors that might enhance response rates and to examine the potential for non-response bias in surveys mailed to healthcare professionals.. 

The results revealed response rates to postal surveys of healthcare professionals are low and are likely declining, almost certainly leading to unknown levels of bias. The average response rate from doctors was 57% and is significantly lower than the estimate for the prior 10 year period. Response rates were higher when reminders were sent but only half the studies did this. Response rates were also higher in studies with fewer than 1000 participants and in countries other than US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Online Healthcare surveys can help decrease both low response rates and the associated potential for bias which can threaten a study’s validity. Zoomerang makes it easy to skip mail surveys altogether and target Healthcare Professionals directly with Online Healthcare Panels.

Healthcare Professionals available with Zoomerang Sample include:

– Emergency medical technician/paramedic

– Healthcare administration

– Nurse/nurse practitioner/registered nurse/licensed practical nurse

– Optometrist

– Pharmacist

– Pharmacist technician

– Physician

– Physician’s assistant

– Podiatrist

– Psychologist

– Veterinarian

– Biotech

– Chiropractor

– Dental hygienist

– Dentist

– Dietician/nutritionist

Whether you’re researching Connected Health Technologies, the Demand for Temporary Primary Care Physicians or General Practitioners Views on the Swine Flu Vaccine, Zoomerang’s Healthcare Sample Panel is a quick and simple way to take the pulse of the healthcare industry providing you with high quality results that you can rely on.

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