Spanish Surveys – Encuestas En Español


Spanish Surveys

While Spanish is the most common first language in the Americas, Spanish and English are in a virtual dead heat to be the second most spoken language in the world. The latest worldwide figures from Ethnologue has Spanish with 332 million speakers and English with 322 million, both considerably behind Chinese with 885 million. American Demographics ranks the United States with the fifth largest Hispanic population, about 30 million people (the exact number depending on how Hispanics are counted), and 86% of those say Spanish is their first language. California alone has 5.5 million people who speak Spanish at home, followed by Texas (3.4 million), New York (1.8 million), and Florida (1.5 million). 

A recent study of 25 metro markets in the United States found that Spanish-language programming was the sixth most popular format. The latest estimates show 8% of the people who use the Internet speak Spanish, making Spanish the No. 3 language in the Internet community, following English (29%) and Chinese (22%).

There are differences in Spanish vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation from country to country but they are probably no more significant than the differences among American, British and Australian. It is important to field your survey in the primary language of your survey respondents so that survey questions are clear and respondents are be able to write their answers comfortably in their own language. Zoomerang gives you the ability to create online surveys in Spanish by supporting foreign characters, such as “ñ”, when you design your survey. We also have versions of our top online survey templates available in Spanish so that you don’t have to translate your survey. Zoomerang offers access to the Hispanic Reach panel if you are specifically looking to survey Hispanic survey respondents and don’t already have access to a list.

Needless to say, when the respondent can converse in the language they speak most you should see a much higher response rate. Removing the English/Spanish language barrier will help you gain important insights from Spanish-speaking respondents that might have otherwise been excluded, in spite of their everyday consumption of mainstream media and participation in mainstream consumerism.

In addition to Spanish, Zoomerang users can create and send surveys in over 40 languages providing you with a complete survey creation experience in the desired language by customizing the text for survey questions and answers, buttons, as well as the survey thank you and survey closed pages.

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2 Responses to Spanish Surveys – Encuestas En Español

  1. Richard says:

    Las Vegas speaks more spanish then you think

    • Donna says:

      Richard, Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I relied on the data from American Demographics for some of the post statistics but I am sure there are many cities across the US that speak more Spanish than one would think. 🙂

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