Customizing your Survey



Customizing your survey is a great way to get respondents more familiar with your organization’s logo, to increase your survey response rate, and to stand out from the crowd.

Two of the easiest ways to customize your survey are within the survey itself and you can even make these changes to a survey you’ve already deployed:

Add your logo to the title – When you are creating or editing your survey, click Edit Title at the top of the survey. Add your organization’s logo under the Add image to title section of this page. Once you find the file on your computer and click Upload, just choose the orientation of the image- above, below, or to the left or right of your survey title.

Choose a design theme that matches – The bars between your questions are blue by default. If blue doesn’t blend with your image, just change the color with the drop down menu on the top left of the screen you see when creating/editing your survey. Zoomerang offers blue, black, red, green, yellow, and white bars. If you are feeling really colorful try a theme like “Oceanic Aqua” or “Mechanical Violet” that also changes the background color of your survey.

Advanced Customization Tips

There are additional pages, outside of the survey itself, that you can customize with the formatting toolbar in order to change text formatting, create hyperlinks, or insert images. You can also use HTML tags to add custom branding on other pages.

The Online Survey Email Invitation: If you are sending to your own list of email addresses (not purchasing respondents from Zoomerang), this is most likely the first time your recipients will read about your survey. Customizing this email to say who you are and why you are asking for input not only adds a more personalized feel for the survey as a whole, but it tends to increase the response rate.

The Online Survey Web Greeting Page: You can choose whether this page will appear at the start of your survey and customize it using the formatting toolbar.

The Online Survey End Pages: These are the pages your survey respondents are directed to at the end of the survey; you can customize any of these pages with hyperlinked text and images or redirect respondents to your own website.

PowerPoint Survey Results Presentation: You can create custom charts from the Analyze Results tab and download them (with or without the corresponding data tables) to PowerPoint, which you can customize by editing the text on each slide (title on the introduction slide as well as the survey question displayed above each chart), and changing the design theme as well as the chart image and data table background, border, and other slide attributes.

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