Zoomerang Surveys For Salesforce

Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce, the first integrated online survey solution for the world’s most popular CRM system, was unveiled today at the Salesforce.com® Dreamforce Global Gathering. Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce combines the convenience and quality of the popular Zoomerang online survey solution with the power of Salesforce.com® providing a new level of customer insight to enhance sales effectiveness, improve customer satisfaction, and boost marketing return on investment. 

Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce provides Salesforce CRM users with a fast, easy way to field high-quality surveys from within the Salesforce environment.  With this new application, Salesforce leads and contacts can be sourced for online surveys, and Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce users will have access to a customizable dashboard where survey result metrics can be collected, shared and reviewed among collaborative teams. Since Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM, users simply sign in to their Salesforce account and run online surveys through a single tab in the Salesforce interface, with access to all of the features found in the Zoomerang online survey tool, including hundreds of pre-built survey templates and automatic import of survey questions from Word or text documents to get you started fast, unlimited questions and responses, customizable survey design, advanced survey logic, and phone support. Advanced reporting and analysis tools such as filters, cross-tabs, charting, one-click statistics, and export to Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel, also come standard. In addition, the application brings data from surveys into Salesforce, so it can be displayed in Salesforce dashboards or reports and easily shared with the team.

Sales and marketing professionals can use Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce to:

– Optimize the success of marketing campaigns

– Improve the quality of contact records with profiling surveys

– Improve sales and marketing effectiveness through feedback in win-loss surveys

– Survey existing customers to identify customer satisfaction issues and manage these issues through Salesforce Support

Developed in collaboration with Bluewolf, a leading Salesforce.com®  partner and agile consulting firm, the solution will be available in December on the Salesforce AppExchange, where information about Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce is now live. If you are attending the Dreamforce Global Gathering in San Francisco this week, be sure to stop by the Bluewolf booth and visit Zoomerang to be among the first to view a demonstration of Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce.

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