Cool Beans –Zoomerang Launches Twitter Integration Feature

Twitter has been described as a personal news-wire service countless of times and with good reason. Whether it’s updates from friends, family, companies, school administrators, co-workers, brands, or breaking world events, the real-time aspect of sending and receiving Twitter updates is frequently being incorporated into daily life. Twitter’s demographic diversity and geographic reach (not to mention accessibility via a wide range of mobile devices) also makes it an excellent platform for short surveys, especially those requiring immediate feedback.

Zoomerang’s Twitter Integration feature enables you to automatically post a tweet of your survey (including URL) right from the Zoomerang Survey Launch page. By pre-formatting announcements that allow up to 140 characters Zoomerang’s Twitter Integration Feature acts as a Twitter client for your survey, making it a fast and easy way to tweet a respondent request along with the survey URL directly to your followers instantly upon survey deployment.

When you tweet your survey you will also be reaching far beyond your Twitter followers. Along with generous retweets, including keyword hashtags in your survey description will help your survey tweet go viral across the Twitterverse and beyond: In addition to the traditional Google search results, Google Search Appliance is now providing results from Twitter and Bing has also begun indexing tweets.

As social media is becoming a more integral factor to the overall market research feedback loop, Zoomerang subscribers can use URL parameters to segment survey deployments in order to easily segment specific survey groups or targeted deployments. By using a unique code for each audience, Zoomerang subscribers can determine how respondents to a MySpace survey, Facebook poll or Twitter survey compared to respondents in a control group.

Whether you are deploying a short customer satisfaction survey, gathering event feedback, surveying students regarding a school issue or interested in visitor feedback on your blog or website, posting your survey on Twitter can quickly bring you a world of actionable data and by using Zoomerang’s Twitter Integration the online survey process has become even more efficient.


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