World Habitat Day – Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009


Habitat for Humanity World Habitat Day

According to the United Nations, more than 100 million people in the world today are homeless. Millions more face a severe housing problem living without adequate sanitation, with irregular or no electricity supply and without adequate security. The United Nations has designated the first Monday each October as World Habitat Day, a day for everyone to stand up and let it be known that affordable, adequate housing should be a priority everywhere.

This year on Oct. 5 in Washington, D.C. and around the world, please join Habitat for Humanity in support of this global observance and declare that the lack of decent, affordable housing is unacceptable.

What can you do for World Habitat Day?

ADVOCATE Photo by photo, Habitat for Humanity advocates have created this mosaic that has already been sent to the White House. Now it is time to deliver a strong message to Congress: Make housing a priority. Pass legislation that would prioritize adequate and affordable housing. Ask Congress to Make Housing A Priority on World Habitat Day!

EDUCATE your community with Habitat for Humanity’s World Habitat Day handbook to learn more about the importance of secure tenure and neighborhood revitalization.  Get even more information about the issue of insecure tenure by reading Habitat’s Shelter Report: building a secure future through effective land policies.

Brainstorm ways to get more people involved. Learn from the successes of last year’s campaign, and come up with brand-new ways to celebrate and publicize the important work of Habitat for Humanity.

Link to Habitat for Humanity’s World Habitat Day 2009 resources page on your social media pages, personal web site or blog to spread the word and raise awareness.

DONATE to be a part of making the world a better place and support Habitat’s efforts. Donate online today!

Habitat For Humanity is a worldwide, grassroots movement and has a presence in more than 90 countries, including all 50 states of the United States. Since 1976 Habitat For Humanity has built more than 300,000 houses around the world, providing more than 1.5 million people in more than 3,000 communities with safe, decent, affordable shelter.

Be sure to check out the pictures on FaceBook of Team Zoomerang in action helping build house foundations with Habitat For Humanity

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Volunteer Day – Habitat For Humanity

February 23, 2009



Habitat For Humanity is a worldwide, grassroots movement and has a presence in more than 90 countries, including all 50 states of the United States. Since 1976 Habitat For Humanity has built more than 300,000 houses around the world, providing more than 1.5 million people in more than 3,000 communities with safe, decent, affordable shelter.


Last week Zoomerang and MarketTools team members took a day to help build the foundation of homes for Habitat for Humanity. Check out the pictures of the team hard at work.


Habitat For Humanity Affordable Housing Statistics:


More than 30 million U.S. households face one or more of the following housing problems:


Cost burdens: paying an excessively large percentage of income on housing costs. More than 13 million households pay more than 50 percent of their income for housing.


Overcrowding: the number of people living in the house is greater than the total number of rooms in the house. About 6.1 million households live in overcrowded conditions.


Physical inadequacy: severe physical deficiencies, such as having no hot water, no electricity, no toilet, or neither a bathtub nor a shower. One out of every seven poor families lives in severely physically inadequate housing.


Learn about the many ways you can donate to Habitat For Humanity and find your local Habitat For Humanity affiliate to learn about volunteer opportunities and events in your area today!


“Building community, one house at a time”

Space Junk

February 18, 2009



A communications satellite belonging to US company Iridium collided with a defunct Russian military satellite on February 12, 2009. According to NASA the satellites crashed into each other in an unprecedented collision, creating clouds of space debris which pose a slight risk to the International Space Station. The chief of Russia’s Mission Control says clouds of debris from the collision will circle Earth and threaten numerous satellites and the Federal Aviation Administration has received numerous reports of falling debris across Texas.


The image above is a computer-generated artist’s impression of the space debris currently orbiting the earth and you can view another impressive image at the MSNBC PhotoBlog. In researching this topic I also came across some interesting facts at the CBC website that helps put  this recent event in perspective:


600 – Pieces of debris estimated to have been released into space in the collision between the U.S. communications group Iridium Satellite LLC and a Russian Cosmos-2251 military satellite.


900 – Number of pieces of debris created when China destroyed its Fengyun 1-C satellite in January 2007.


100 years – Approximate amount of time debris in orbits that are more than 621 miles above the Earth’s surface will continue to travel around the Earth. Debris travelling in orbits below 372 miles falls to Earth after several years. At altitudes below 248 miles, the debris is likely to fall to Earth before it has even been detected or identified.


One in one trillion – Odds that a person will be struck and injured by a piece of space debris, according to the Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies.


Here is one last fact to ponder: the earth is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old and it has been a mere 51 years since the launch of Sputnik.


You’ll have to excuse me now; my cell phone is ringing…..


Take our 4 question Space Survey – It will take less than one minute!

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Is It Washington’s Birthday Or President’s Day?

February 16, 2009



During the month of February the birthday of two of our greatest President’s takes place: George Washington (Feb. 22nd) and Abraham Lincoln (Feb. 12th).  Much of the debate over the name of the holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February springs from the fact that each state can follow their own holidays as they see fit.


Washington’s Birthday is the official name to what many of us know as President’s Day, although many of the states chose to also honor Lincoln calling the celebration President’s Day. A little known bit of history is that Washington’s birthday has been publicly celebrated since he was in office, decades before Abraham Lincoln was even born.


In 1968 a motion designating the official celebration as President’s Day came before Congress. The motion did not pass, although Congress did move to schedule the holiday to fall between the two President’s birthdays. Then came the 1980’s when a resurgence of the term President’s Day used by advertisers solidified the holiday name into the American culture. Today there are few Americans who choose to call the holiday Washington’s Birthday, preferring President’s Day to honor both men.


In researching the celebration’s evolution I came across a Presidential Trivia Quiz that was a bit of a challenge. Fair warning: some of the answers needed a bit more in-depth research than I would have thought.

Americans Show Heart And Resilience This February

February 14, 2009


The results of the Zoomerang February 2009 Consumer Survey, focused on how the economy has affected people’s love lives, have been released. Of the 52% who said they would be shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift this year, 58% of the respondents said they plan to spend the same on a gift this year as they did last year


Additional highlights from the study include:


19% of people buying a Valentine’s Day gift this year will not buy a card

56% of people list trust as the most important aspect of a love relationship, while 0% listed money

8% of people say appearance most attracts them to another person after they’ve spoken with them, while 56% say personality is the biggest factor and 17% list a sense of humor.


When all is said and done, money does still play a factor in people’s relationships. In fact, another study done by the National Retail Federation finds that consumers will be spending less this Valentine’s Day. When asked to rate how important money is in a love relationship, only 15% of Zoomerang survey respondents indicated it was not at all important while 31% indicated it was important.

Survey Results: What would you like to see go away in 2009?

February 10, 2009



The Facebook audience has spoken and the results are in for the survey “What would you like to see go away in 2009?”


What celebrity needs to get out of the spotlight in 2009?

George W. Bush was chosen by 42% of the survey takers


What TV commercial should go off air in 2009?

The Snuggie was chosen by 20%, of the audience, although 29% admitted they hadn’t seen any of these commercials


Who least deserved a bailout in 2008?

42% voted for General Motors, Ford and Daimler Chrysler


What overused word/phrase should be banished in 2009?

36% of those surveyed chose the word Maverick


What causes of the current financial crisis, would you like to see go away?

19% selected the war in Iraq


What did we miss that you would like to see go away in 2009?

White House Online Survey Results

January 22, 2009


The Zoomerang White House online survey results are in and a big thanks to all those who participated. We heard the opinions from people all over the country and there were some close calls as well as a few considerable front-runners. Here are some of the highlights:


Regarding moving expenses, 65% would only spend the $100,000 transition budget for the move and a few new things while 6% would spend it all and then some


As for parties, 54% would prefer intimate gatherings with high-powered friends compared to the 10% who would want to make a big splash with Galas


Presidential attire was close with 42% preferring Traditional Beltway (full suit and American pin) and 40% opting for casual Chic (blazer and shades), only 8% would go High Fashion


The White House portrait of W would hang in peace for 73% with only 4% wanting to relocate it to the Oval Office to look at it frequently


It was good to see that overall Americans are closely aligned in what they would do if they were moving into the White House: upholding the respect, traditions, honor, and privileges only 43 men have known.