New Premium Feature – Add Parameters to Your Survey Link

December 21, 2009

Zoomerang Premium subscribers now have the option to pass respondent data through the survey URL to capture pre-collected information about your respondents, such as their job function or geographical region, or track additional information about your respondents, such as the website where they clicked the link to take the survey, without needing to ask for this information in the survey.

After you define parameters and launch the survey, you can customize the survey link with unique values for each parameter. When someone clicks the link to access the survey, the parameter value you entered into the survey link will display as the respondent’s answer to the hidden question in your results. Each parameter will display in your results as a hidden question and the unique values you enter for each parameter will display as the responses to that hidden question.

For example: If you want to post a survey on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, you can track which site the respondent clicked the link to take your survey. Once you define the parameter and launch the survey, you can include the name of each site in the link you post in each location to help you identify and create reports based on where the respondent accessed your survey.

In addition, once your Zoomerang Premium subscription is mapped to your account, you can generate Hidden Questions to display in your survey results:

– When you map Salesforce campaign member information to Zoomerang as you deploy a survey to a Salesforce campaign

– When you pass data through the generic survey link as you deploy a survey using the web deployment option:

    – Each parameter you define will display in your results as a hidden question (with the Hidden Question Label you entered)

   – The unique values you entered for each parameter will display as the responses to that hidden question

   – When someone clicks a link to take the survey, the unique parameter value you entered will be captured as the respondent’s response to that hidden question

Respondent data associated with your hidden questions will display (in green boxes to differentiate them from the questions) at the end of your survey questions from the Analyze Results tab similar to the responses to open-ended survey questions.


Zoomerang Surveys For Salesforce

November 17, 2009

Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce, the first integrated online survey solution for the world’s most popular CRM system, was unveiled today at the® Dreamforce Global Gathering. Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce combines the convenience and quality of the popular Zoomerang online survey solution with the power of® providing a new level of customer insight to enhance sales effectiveness, improve customer satisfaction, and boost marketing return on investment. 

Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce provides Salesforce CRM users with a fast, easy way to field high-quality surveys from within the Salesforce environment.  With this new application, Salesforce leads and contacts can be sourced for online surveys, and Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce users will have access to a customizable dashboard where survey result metrics can be collected, shared and reviewed among collaborative teams. Since Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM, users simply sign in to their Salesforce account and run online surveys through a single tab in the Salesforce interface, with access to all of the features found in the Zoomerang online survey tool, including hundreds of pre-built survey templates and automatic import of survey questions from Word or text documents to get you started fast, unlimited questions and responses, customizable survey design, advanced survey logic, and phone support. Advanced reporting and analysis tools such as filters, cross-tabs, charting, one-click statistics, and export to Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel, also come standard. In addition, the application brings data from surveys into Salesforce, so it can be displayed in Salesforce dashboards or reports and easily shared with the team.

Sales and marketing professionals can use Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce to:

– Optimize the success of marketing campaigns

– Improve the quality of contact records with profiling surveys

– Improve sales and marketing effectiveness through feedback in win-loss surveys

– Survey existing customers to identify customer satisfaction issues and manage these issues through Salesforce Support

Developed in collaboration with Bluewolf, a leading®  partner and agile consulting firm, the solution will be available in December on the Salesforce AppExchange, where information about Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce is now live. If you are attending the Dreamforce Global Gathering in San Francisco this week, be sure to stop by the Bluewolf booth and visit Zoomerang to be among the first to view a demonstration of Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce.

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Shopping Cart Abandonment Survey Results

October 12, 2009


Shopping Cart Abandonment Survey

The National Retail Federation expects 2009 U S holiday sales to fall 1% this year to $437.6 billion, a time when 38% of consumers said they plan on doling more online shopping this year compared to last year. The most recent Coremetrics Benchmark Industry Report for U S Retail shows that the shopping cart conversion rate has dropped 3.44% over the previous annual benchmark report.

To gain insight into the reasons behind shopping cart abandonment, Zoomerang recently conducted an online survey with U S shoppers for specific details on what it takes for them to complete their online purchases. The survey results revealed the following factors as having a substantial impact on shopping cart abandonment:

No Free Shipping / Shipping Cost Confusion – 74% of online shoppers said that the cost of shipping was the #1 reason for NOT completing a purchase online 

Lack of Payment Options – After credit cards, 21% of online shoppers preferred to pay through PayPal – which was even a more popular method than paying with their atm/debit cards

Bad Product Reviews – 82% said they would rather purchase a product from an unknown brand with high/positive reviews over a well known brand with negative reviews

No Money Back Guarantees / Tough Return Policy – 60% said that they would rather purchase a product from an unknown brand with a money back guarantee over a well known brand without a money back guarantee

No Coupons – 47% of online shoppers search for online coupons before completing their online purchases

Offering a safe and quick check out process with available products, photos and cart edit options are the basic foundation of a functional website shopping cart.  By directly addressing consumers concerns, you can take the necessary actions to decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate and help push those shopping carts through the check-out process – especially over this upcoming holiday season.

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Ask Globally, Speak Locally

October 9, 2009


Global Surveys

We are all only a few mouse clicks away from reaching a global customer base: they don’t call it the World Wide Web for nothing. According to the World Almanac, 92% of the world’s population are not native-English users. If your market research and marketing efforts are focusing on one language you are missing out on a huge opportunity. In fact, over 400 Million opportunities.

The number of online users in Europe is expected to reach more than 200 Million according to a report released by Forrester Research. More than 40 Million new, regular internet users will materialize in France and Italy over the next few years. Italy will experience the most dramatic growth, reaching 68% online penetration. France already has 64% of its population online. Internet penetration in Scandinavia has reached 70%. Germany will increase to about 50 Million regular users (70% of its population).

With customers in over 200 countries, Zoomerang has long recognized the importance of supporting non-English speaking survey takers. Zoomerang customers are offered the ability to reach survey-takers in over 40 languages, enabling the collection of valuable data and insights to retrieve more accurate global data.

Zoomerang Skip Logic allows you to target in local languages so that you can create one survey for multiple language groups and return one set of results. The first question in the survey asks the recipient to select the country in which they live. The answers are in the appropriate language, so that the respondents select from “I live in the UK” or “Je demeurer en France” etc. The response to this question moves them to the appropriate language group for the balance of the survey.

Using the Skip Logic feature targeting several languages also makes it is easier than ever for global companies, such as Zoomerang customer DuPont (Spain), to conduct HR surveys. Using Zoomerang Skip Logic, DuPont was able to survey employees across Europe, collecting global feedback using one simple tool in multiple languages such as English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish. Other global Zoomerang customers such as Johnson & Johnson, Poland used the tool in their native Polish to swiftly and easily collect key information for their Human Resources department.

The Oxford University Press defines global marketing as “marketing on a worldwide scale reconciling or taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities in order to meet global objectives”. The nature of the internet means businesses now have a truly global reach so when a company becomes a global marketer it views the world as one market. With over 40 online survey language options available, Zoomerang makes it easier to gather feedback from all points across the global market.

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Zoomerang’s Survey Tip Of The Day On Twitter – Weekly Update 09/09/09

September 9, 2009


Twitter Logo 25

Zoomerang has a wealth of information available to help you collect the actionable data you need and analyze the results. You can find a new Zoomerang Survey Tip each day on Twitter which are designed to help make your survey experience a success.

To help keep you up to date, I have compiled the survey tips from the last week for easier reference and I will be posting an update weekly.

–  “Would you recommend our products to friends/family?” is an essential question for any customer satisfaction survey

–  A larger number of small incentives will bring a higher response rate than a smaller number of large incentives

–  When appropriate include a consent form – i.e. Please click on “I agree to participate” to allow us to use your data

–  Posing questions in the third person instead of in the second person can be less threatening i.e. How do YOUR COLLEAGUES feel about management? vs. How do YOU feel about management?

– If you have a list of potential survey respondents in Excel you can easily select a random sample

You can find compiled lists of the previous Survey Tip of the Days as well as additional online survey tips and suggestions here at the Zoomerang blog as well as links to helpful Zoomerang tutorials and Zoomerang webinars.

Be sure to follow Zoomerang on Twitter if you would like to view the Survey Tip each day. You can also add the Zoomerang blog to your RSS feed or bookmark the site to get the weekly recap. If you have any survey tips you would like to share leave me a comment or send me an email, Zoomerang is all about sharing knowledge.

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Social Network Surveys And Polls

September 4, 2009


Social Networks Surveys Polls

Crowdsourcing can be both fun and informative, and most people seem to enjoy sharing their opinions. Online surveys and polls are an affordable tool and Social Networks are the perfect platform to hear and be heard. Posting a one question poll or a short survey on Facebook or on MySpace as well as other Social Network sites will help you quickly and easily gather feedback on any subject, whether for casual or business purposes.  

After the negotiated release of American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee was splashed across televisions and web browsers worldwide last month, Zoomerang decided to celebrate with a fun one-question survey –“Who would you want to negotiate on your behalf if you were imprisoned in a foreign country?” The question was posed via email as well as on Facebook and the responses ranged from the expected to the unique:

Former President Bill Clinton was the popular choice with 52% of survey takers naming him as there chosen negotiator, followed by Chuck Norris and Angelina Jolie coming in at a dead heat for second  – each with 12%. An interesting comparison revealed two times as many men chose Angelina for their negotiator as women.

Survey takers were also given the option to suggest their own hero and 22% decided on someone else entirely. The wide variety of answers ranged from the logical “Papa Smurf” to the less strategic choice of Priceline Negotiator “William Shatner”. On a more serious note, other answers included “Ron Paul, Hilary Clinton, Nelson Mandela, my mom and the Dalai Lama.”

Zoomerang makes it easy for you to create and invite your friends to your Facebook poll at no cost, and there are also many interesting polls posted that are awaiting your input. Current Zoomerang Facebook polls range from “What should we name our dog?” (LuLu is the current front-runner), and “How often do you use Facebook?” (Daily seems to be the most frequent) to “What is most important to you in a website design?” (Ease of finding information is the leading response).

Whether for fun or for a pressing business issue, posting a quick survey or poll on your Social Network profile every few days is a great way to gather the feedback you need while at the same time engaging your visitors and keep them coming back.

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User Experience Is Your Brand

August 31, 2009

  Brand Management

Brand reputation is largely created through the combined experiences and associations that customers have with your business. Most customers, regardless of whether having had a positive or negative experience, will take the time to tell you about it. If their overall experience is great, they will want to take pleasure in letting you know about it; if their experiences left them frustrated, they will want to make you cringe when you read their comments.

The State of Small Businesses Report gave SMB owners an A- rating in customer service, noting their impeccable service and ability to retain customers by treating them with care. The importance of customer service was also seen as a reason for why female small business owners tend to be more successful than men. Simply put, they’re better at building relationships with other women business owners, they support one another more and they’re focused on their customers and meeting their needs. All of this allows them to build stronger relationships both online and off.

A reputation for good customer service is something small and medium businesses should not jeopardize. Online surveys are an affordable market research tool that SMB’s can utilize to let customers tell you what your business is and isn’t.

Zoomerang makes it easy to design, deploy and analyze your business surveys in order to monitor and build your brand. Once you have completed your research report consider sharing your survey results with visitors to your website to highlight compelling statistics, blog about the results to share insights and engage customers, as well as distribute a Press Release to help develop a reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

There is one last tidbit which stood out that I wanted to share: The SMB Report found that only 12% of SMB’s are engaging in social media. Let me rephrase that: only 12% of small businesses are taking advantage of a targeted, absolutely free way to market their business online. You can use that surprising statistic to your advantage by posting a short Facebook or MySpace survey your profile every few days to keep visitors coming back or post a fun, one question Facebook poll daily and watch your fans and friends grow. You can even post the survey links on other Social Network sites so that all of your Twitter followers and everyone in your LinkedIn network will have the opportunity to give their feedback.

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