Black Friday And Cyber Monday Recap

December 7, 2009


The 2009 Black Friday results from The National Retail Federation reported that while 195 million shoppers hit stores or Web sites over Thanksgiving weekend (up considerably from 172 million in 2008) shoppers spent less, with average spending falling 7.9 % (from $372.57 per household last year to $343.31 this year).

According to the survey, 32% of shoppers purchased toys, an increase of 13% from last year. Additionally, more people purchased sporting goods (13% vs. 11% last year), personal care or beauty items (22% vs. 19%) and gift cards (21% vs. 19%). The most popular purchases were of clothing (51%) and books (40%), which remained nearly unchanged over last year. In order to nab the best holiday items, more shoppers headed out for bargains while it was still dark outside – nearly one-third of shoppers (31%) were at the stores by 5 am compared with 23% who were at stores by that time last year.

Check out eBay’s activity on their transaction map for a Black Friday shopping visual representation.

Most signs point to a positive trend when it comes to online sales and traffic this year. comScore reported Cyber Monday 2009 online sales were up 5% over last year to $887 million which matched the heaviest online spending day in history (December 9, 2008). For the holiday season-to-date, $12.26 billion has been spent online, marking a 3% increase over the same period last year. Hitwise reported Amazon once again topped the list as the most visited retail website, seeing a 44% increase in visits compared to 2008 and received 16% of the visits among the top 500 online retail sites. Wal-Mart was the second most visited with 10% of visits followed by Target with 5%, BestBuy came in fourth with 4% followed by JC Penney with 3 %. Wal-Mart took the top spot for the most visited online site on Thanksgiving Day this year but Amazon edged out Wal-Mart on Black Friday. This is the fifth year in a row that Wal-Mart was the top visited site on Thanksgiving Day and Amazon has been Cyber Monday’s top visited site since 2006.

Among the top 20 sites visited on Cyber Monday 2009, Staples saw the largest increase in visits compared to 2008 with a 61% increase while Barnes & Noble saw a 46% increase. The Apple Store, which didn’t make Hitwise’s top 20 sites, saw a 71% increase in visits on Cyber Monday 2009 versus 2008. Online stores who dropped in traffic from last year included (down 25%) and Home Depot (down 29%).

So now that you have the numbers for this year’s buying frenzy be sure to review the 13 worst holiday spending blunders from MSN Money 


Zoomerang Surveys For Salesforce

November 17, 2009

Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce, the first integrated online survey solution for the world’s most popular CRM system, was unveiled today at the® Dreamforce Global Gathering. Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce combines the convenience and quality of the popular Zoomerang online survey solution with the power of® providing a new level of customer insight to enhance sales effectiveness, improve customer satisfaction, and boost marketing return on investment. 

Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce provides Salesforce CRM users with a fast, easy way to field high-quality surveys from within the Salesforce environment.  With this new application, Salesforce leads and contacts can be sourced for online surveys, and Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce users will have access to a customizable dashboard where survey result metrics can be collected, shared and reviewed among collaborative teams. Since Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM, users simply sign in to their Salesforce account and run online surveys through a single tab in the Salesforce interface, with access to all of the features found in the Zoomerang online survey tool, including hundreds of pre-built survey templates and automatic import of survey questions from Word or text documents to get you started fast, unlimited questions and responses, customizable survey design, advanced survey logic, and phone support. Advanced reporting and analysis tools such as filters, cross-tabs, charting, one-click statistics, and export to Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel, also come standard. In addition, the application brings data from surveys into Salesforce, so it can be displayed in Salesforce dashboards or reports and easily shared with the team.

Sales and marketing professionals can use Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce to:

– Optimize the success of marketing campaigns

– Improve the quality of contact records with profiling surveys

– Improve sales and marketing effectiveness through feedback in win-loss surveys

– Survey existing customers to identify customer satisfaction issues and manage these issues through Salesforce Support

Developed in collaboration with Bluewolf, a leading®  partner and agile consulting firm, the solution will be available in December on the Salesforce AppExchange, where information about Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce is now live. If you are attending the Dreamforce Global Gathering in San Francisco this week, be sure to stop by the Bluewolf booth and visit Zoomerang to be among the first to view a demonstration of Zoomerang Surveys for Salesforce.

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Halloween 2009 Survey Results

October 30, 2009


Halloween 2009 Survey Results                               

                                  Double, double toil and trouble;
                                  Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
                                  Fillet of a fenny snake, 
                                  In the cauldron boil and bake; 
                                  Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
                                  Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, 
                                  Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, 
Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,
                                  For a charm of powerful trouble,
                                  Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

                                  – Incantation of the Three Witches, Macbeth

Despite the consecutive steady increase on Halloween spending over the last several years the economy has finally caught up to Halloween, with this year’s trend best summed up as creativity on a budget. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2009 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey consumers are expected to spend an average of $56.31 on Halloween, down from $66.54 last year, with total spending expected to reach $4.75 billion. The survey found consumers plan to spend an average of $20.75 on costumes (including children’s and pet’s costumes); $17.99 on candy; $14.54 on decorations and $3.02 on greeting cards. 

To gain further insight into celebration plans for this year, Zoomerang recently conducted an online Halloween survey. The spirit of the holiday (pun intended) is still running strong for respondents, with 71% of respondents planning on celebrating in some form. Holiday plans vary from handing out candy (67%) to attending a costumed work party (9%). With 41% planning on going trick-or-treating, others will be busy visiting pumpkin patches (27%) and haunted houses (18%). For the 54% planning on dressing up, humorous costumes at 19% are the more popular choice over the 11% who are choosing horror-related costumes.

There is good news on the eco-friendly front: 42% will be making their own costumes at home, 18% will be reusing previous costumes, 6% will be going to a used clothing or consignment store and 5% will be borrowing from friends. Only 11% will be buying from a brick and mortar store while 18% will be buying from an online retailer (it is always a good thing to cut down on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by shopping online).

One thing does remain true each year: Halloween is the perfect time to express your individuality. As for my plans, I tried my best to be creative on a budget while celebrating in an eco-friendly way. With Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, I decided that I will celebrate with a weekend-long Simpsons Treehouse of Horror 20 episode marathon. Oooh, Scaaareeeyyy!Count Floyd

Okay Marge, you hide in the abandoned amusement park. Lisa, the pet cemetery. Bart, spooky roller disco. And I’ll go skinny dipping in that lake where the teens were killed one hundred years ago tonight. –Homer Simpson

Happy Halloween!

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Shopping Cart Abandonment Survey Results

October 12, 2009


Shopping Cart Abandonment Survey

The National Retail Federation expects 2009 U S holiday sales to fall 1% this year to $437.6 billion, a time when 38% of consumers said they plan on doling more online shopping this year compared to last year. The most recent Coremetrics Benchmark Industry Report for U S Retail shows that the shopping cart conversion rate has dropped 3.44% over the previous annual benchmark report.

To gain insight into the reasons behind shopping cart abandonment, Zoomerang recently conducted an online survey with U S shoppers for specific details on what it takes for them to complete their online purchases. The survey results revealed the following factors as having a substantial impact on shopping cart abandonment:

No Free Shipping / Shipping Cost Confusion – 74% of online shoppers said that the cost of shipping was the #1 reason for NOT completing a purchase online 

Lack of Payment Options – After credit cards, 21% of online shoppers preferred to pay through PayPal – which was even a more popular method than paying with their atm/debit cards

Bad Product Reviews – 82% said they would rather purchase a product from an unknown brand with high/positive reviews over a well known brand with negative reviews

No Money Back Guarantees / Tough Return Policy – 60% said that they would rather purchase a product from an unknown brand with a money back guarantee over a well known brand without a money back guarantee

No Coupons – 47% of online shoppers search for online coupons before completing their online purchases

Offering a safe and quick check out process with available products, photos and cart edit options are the basic foundation of a functional website shopping cart.  By directly addressing consumers concerns, you can take the necessary actions to decrease your shopping cart abandonment rate and help push those shopping carts through the check-out process – especially over this upcoming holiday season.

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IT Market Research Surveys

September 18, 2009


Information Technology Surveys

The latest quarterly report from First Research reveals the US information technology (IT) industry includes about 95,000 companies that generate about $175 billion in annual revenue and the average annual revenue per employee is close to $160,000.

Information Technology departments are always looking for ways to make more efficient use of an organization’s computer systems. Historically, it has been extremely difficult for researchers to confidently survey a sample population of IT professionals because of fraudulent survey respondents. In fact, more than 40% of online IT panels contain survey takers who are not really in IT. 

Finding a target audience of IT professionals for survey deployment does not have to be the hassle it was in the past. ZoomPanel Tech is a stand-alone panel of IT Pros & Developers who are profiled on over 120 specialties giving you direct access to IT decision makers, those who drive budgets in Enterprise and Medium-sized organizations. ZoomPanel Tech is a revolutionary new B2B panel that certifies its survey takers as IT professionals through a rigorous screening process that rejects over 50% of potential survey panelists. The quality of the survey respondents is so high, access rates come in consistently around an impressive 40%.

According to Baseline the Top 10 Trends in IT for 2009 are:

1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

2. Virtualization

3. Enterprise Mobility

4. Energy-Efficient Data centers

5. Security, Risk and Compliance

6. Social Networking

7. Web 2.0

8. Document Management and E-Discovery

9. Project Management and Project Portfolio Management

10. Web and Video Collaboration

To gain the IT insights you need on the Top 10 Trends and beyond, Zoomerang offers the best all-around IT survey solution to quickly and easily create, deploy and analyze your technology-focused research.  Zoomerang allows you to have the confidence you need in your online IT Market Research studies, helping you stay competitive with accurate market research on technology.

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Streamline Your Survey Creation Process

September 11, 2009


Time Is Money

Time is money. It’s an old cliché that we all know and understand. Knowledge is power. It’s another old cliché and a market research tenet. These days, even more so than in recent years, every business regardless of its size needs to find creative ways to save without delivering less value.

In an effort to assist in streamlining your survey creation process, Zoomerang developed the Text Import feature which can be used by all subscribers to save time in gathering needed knowledge.

As fast and easy as creating an online survey is from within Zoomerang, you can now skip that process altogether. Zoomerang’s new Text Import feature is designed to make the survey creation process more efficient and it couldn’t be simpler to use: just create your survey in MS Word or any text file and in 5 quick steps your survey will be automatically programmed for you.

The Text Import feature makes the transition to online surveys from paper surveys seamless. Once you have fined-tuned your survey as a document all you have to do is upload the final survey straight into Zoomerang to be automatically programmed for you and you are then ready to deploy. Even if you are editing or finalizing a survey which has already been created in Zoomerang, you can export it from Zoomerang to MS Word, finalize it, and import it back in to Zoomerang.

To help save you even more time, check out these links for tips:

20 Tips to Save Time and Money in Your Small Business and At Home

Time Saving Tips for Small Businesses

Time saving tips for business leaders

Time saving tips for busy business people

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High-Quality Research On A Budget

June 8, 2009

 MarketTools Logo

There are a lot of online survey tools available these days that allow you to do one-off research projects for next to nothing. While these inexpensive tools are relatively fast and easy to use, they don’t always yield quality results on which you can base important decisions. Why compromise? There are ways to do quality research without breaking the bank. Let us tell you how.

Join MarketTools and The Institute for International Research for a complimentary webcast on Thursday, June 18, at 10am PT/1pm ET/ 5pm GMT. Our panel of experts will discuss their experiences and provide real-life examples of how they’ve been able to do it. During this one-hour webinar you’ll learn:

1.  Five simple guidelines for doing quality research

2.  How a panel can reduce your research cost and improve quality

3.  What companies are doing to deal with “professional” survey respondents

4.  When is it a good idea to call in the experts

5.  And much more…


Facilitator: Mike Waite

Mike Waite is responsible for MarketTools’ Enterprise-class products and services business. Mike and his team are responsible for delivering purpose-built software, quality-assured sample and research expertise to arm today’s market researchers with new capabilities to do better research for any budget. Previously, Mike was responsible for MarketTools’ panels and communities business. The panels and communities team creates community-centered solutions that draw on MarketTools’ panel management expertise, leading research technology and deep research experience. Mike was also director of new product development, delivering new technology and full-service research solutions.


Chris Schroll, Senior Manager Strategic Research & Analysis, Wolters Kluwer:

Pat Merrill, Founder/General Partner, Merrill Research:

And other leading research experts from Fortune 500 companies

Join us to hear how your peers are doing high-quality research on very limited budgets. Attendance is limited so reserve your complimentary seat today!